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Aloha Mia!

How wonderful that you and your husband and going to Peru!
When we went in November for 2 weeks we were blessed to have been hooked up to 3 very knowledgeable, honest and sincere brothers who are a part of a crusade to help the underprivileged children of their communities.
With the help of Dr. Sharon Forrest they have accomplished amazing things! She was the facilitator of our Sacred Journey and the boys were our guides.
Carlos is whom I have copied on this email and he will ask you where you want to hike to and give you all the best places to eat where ever you are staying.

You and your husband will be in very good hands to get on your journey of a lifetime. If we could go again we would leave tomorrow! We are planning another trip next Dec, however.
Have fun and blessings to you,

Kalona and Jeannine


"This adventure was by far the most enjoyable trip I have ever been on. The entire experience was totally unique and worth it, every aspect of the adventure greatly exceeded my expectations.

Carlos and Eddy were excellent - very personable, knowledgeable and extremely friendly sharing their culture and heritage with us along the way. Every detail was taken care of for me. Carlos and Eddy were very helpful and supportive throughout the entire trip and quite quickly we felt like an extended family.

Extremely well run trip. I would highly recommend Condors and Eagles to anyone and everyone.

Thank you Carlos and Eddy for an amazing experience.

Brenda, Ireland."

Noccaj Sonqoypy Causanqui

Carrie Jane Kajda

Hi Carlos

Yes, I did receive your photos, they are fabulous. My heart felt warmed by the beautiful people wrapped with blankets. I feel so happy that my money has helped these important people. I feel very closely connected with them in my heart. I would love to have been there with you when you distributed the blankets and to see their happy faces.
The photos of the mountains also are beautiful. I told my husband Paul that he would love to climb the mountains in Peru. He has climbed some of the biggest mountains in Europe including Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.

Lots of amazing things have been happening to me recently:
I recently saw a spiritual man called John who is clairvoyant and he told me many things. One of the first things he said was " Why am I getting Spanish Conquistadors around you?" and I told him
I had just visited Peru. He said I had some connection with Payan ways ( he says that it sounds like Payan similar to the Inkas) He said I have been in Peru before in a past life and he could see me dressed in a bright coloured robe dripping with gold! I worked with the sun Gods. I had been killed by a rival tribe and had my heart cut out!
No wonder I cried with emotion when I connected with the land in Peru. I just new then that I had returned home, the feeling was so strong in my heart.
He asked if I had pain down my left side and I didn't, but was having some shoulder pain. He then did some Reiki healing and said I had a problem with my throat chakra, that I had something to say when I was killed and my heart removed. He encouraged me to say what I needed to say when I was sacrificed. Then something very strange happened. John said my face was changing and I could feel a sensation in my cheeks. I was standing up at this point with my eyes closed and suddenly my lower jaw started to jerk from side to side and my mouth started to open wider and wider. I felt as if I was a snake and let out a sustained hissing sound and then an Ahh sound til I had finished letting go. Then I returned to normal and my L shoulder is now pain free! Never had anything like that happen before, it was an amazing experience.
He told me that I need to advertise and start healing people because I am going to heal many people.

I had my hair cut recently and my hairdresser told me that she had been going to meditation sessions at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley (the town where Shannon lives which is 5km from where I live). Kimm, who owns the centre, doesn't charge for meditation sessions and the healings that she does, but asks for donations for charity which are collected in a box. I went along to a meditation on Tuesday 23rd June and enjoyed it so much I went on Thursday and Friday morning. At the end of the meditation session on Thursday one of the women was in tears when she described having a pain in her heart and throat. It was obvious she needed some healing, but Kimm was not able to do this as she was preparing to go away for 3 weeks and didn't have time.
Kimm asked me if I would be able to help and I said I would. I had spoken with Kimm about the healing methods that I have learnt ( Theta healing, Shamanic Energy Medicine and Ascension Reiki) and that I am practising on friends and family.
I invited this woman back to my house in the afternoon and did Shamanic and Reiki healing for her.
She has since told me that she feels so much better and she has noticed a big change and would like another healing session. The next time I used Theta healing that I learnt from Shannon. I was anxious as I haven't used Theta for a long time on another person. The session went very well which I was very relieved about.
Kimm asked me the next day (Friday) how the healing went and asked how much I charged. I told her that as I was practising and becoming more confident with healing, I didn't charge but asked for a donation for the children in Peru instead. Kimm then said that I could use one of the rooms at the Happiness Centre for free while I was practising healing people. She also informed me that they do not have a charity at present for the donations to go to and suggested that it go to the children in Peru!! I have put up a poster with photos of some of the children to let everyone know about your charity Carlos. What a lot changed in 4 days. All the prayers and intentions put into Despachos and the San Pedro (to mention a few) have certainly started working for me.
I am so full of love and gratitude. I am so excited, it looks like I really am ready to practise healing now and step into my power.
I already have a few people interested in healing sessions with me.
I hope you understand all of that. I will forward the donations to you as soon as Kimm returns from her trip.

Does your charity have a name?

Say Hi to Cristian and your brothers for me.

Love from Carrie x

Richard Mannie

Testimonial about our Sacred Journeys to Peru by Richard Mannie "I'm one of those who think things come along for a reason," the Port Orange reporter said.
So does the metaphysical bookstore owner Richard 'Mannie" Billig, who says his life after a trip to a South American country ultimately led him to open the metaphysical store here.
Billig, 68, was so moved following his visit to Machu Picchu, Peru with Dr. Sharon Forrest, he wrote a book titled "The Art of Falling in Love with Your Time on Earth."
Billig was 40 years old and a store manager for Montgomery Ward when he visited Peru as part of a group tour. He worked for the retailer for 18 years, including a four-year stint in Jacksonville. He was managing a store in Baltimore when he quit.
His described his life-altering trip and changed belief system as more akin to a spiritual awakening than a religious conversion.
"Peru gave me a focus to my life. I had this vision of myself on my deathbed and I was concerned that I had never really followed my dream of going into business. I could accept the fact if I tried and failed but not the idea of not trying," he said during a recent interview at the bookstore.

FYI Mannie has 2 chapters in his book on 2 Healing Procedures I channeled.


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